Amazing mini house - is a construction with 6 busy boards that helps to develop the basic skills of the baby. 


This house is designed for the children from 0 age and affects the development of vital processes:


Motility - the ability of the child to control parts of his body. 


Sensory - the ability of the child to perceive sensations and external influences



Also the Busy House develops:


colour perception



cause-and-effect relationships.



The MiniHouse consist of 28  stylish elements , logically arranged on 6 surfaces:


  • button pocket gear system  with door lock 
  • Special mechanical constipation 
  • drawstring pocket 
  • obstacle course “triangle” 
  • obstacle course “circle” 
  • pocket with fastener type “fastex” 
  • gear system with hidden animals: cat, dog, cow, chicken 
  • upgraded obstacle course “the circle” i
  • pocket with bell button 
  • mechanical “axial " constipation”
  • mechanical “zigzag " constipation” 
  • mechanical “firecracker” constipation with secret 

pocket with Velcro 

  • sorter classic (circle, triangle, square, Pentagon, star, hexagon) 
  • puzzle colorful “rectangle”, which includes 9 components


Bizibord Entertaining Minidom is designed for joint games between parents and children, it is the center of attraction for kids, bright colors attract attention and allows you to not lose focus on the toy even one-year-old children.


Constant games with Entertaining MiniHouse guaranteed to allow the child to develop perseverance, attention, perseverance, perseverance, attention, patience.


All this, as a result, will allow the child to quickly and efficiently pass the following stages of development: socialization, the development of arbitrary attention, the development of personality, interpersonal relations.



Busy house. Small

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