BusyHouse - developing complex of games for children from 8 months. to 6 years, based on busyboards and methods of Maria Montessori.  


The house is designed in conjunction with psychologists, parents and their children. Takes into account the stage of development of the child, promotes the development of manipulative skills, creative thinking and adaptation of the child to the home environment. Helps parents to teach the child letters, numbers, determine the time by the hour.  


The house consists of 6 unique themed busyboards: developmental activities, opening/closing actions, tracing actions, putting on activities, creativity and drawing. 


These will help you child to promote the development of manipulative skills, as well as the training of logical thinking. 

Also it will help the baby to quickly adapt to the home environment and learn to understand the logic of simple things.


A variety of activities train fine motor skills and develop smooth brush movements, thereby preparing children for spelling. The dial with arrows and numbers is a great tool to show children what time is.


Your child will learn as well to press the buttons,  open/close zippers and l play with laces.


The house consists of the elements: 


Gears, switch, roller, socket, cord and chain, rotating cards with pictures, four colored doors, bell, bolt, hook, door chain, window wrapping, bolt for locks, arrows, dial and mazes, buttons, zippers, Velcro, carabiner, button pocket and two types of lacing. 



Wooden surfaces are perfectly smooth, covered with moisture-resistant acrylic lacquer safe for children. Easily washed with a damp cloth.

Busy house. Big

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